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Spring Calendar of Meetings (2015)

Faculty Association Spring Election

Nominations are now open for the next IFO election, which is scheduled to be held online April 6th through April 10th, 2015. Please consider running, and if that’s not an option, encourage your colleagues. For the Faculty Senate to realize its goal of more inclusive participation, we need good people from across the campus to step forward as candidates. For details about each position, see this page: http://www.msumfa.org/index.php?page=63

The schedule of Senate meetings has yet to be determined for 2015-16, but we are asking that Senators be available for meetings after 3:00 pm on Tuesdays. In addition, officers should also be available Thursdays at 3:00 pm. (Senate meetings have been on alternate Tuesdays, with Meet and Confer scheduled for Thursdays alternating with Executive Council meetings. So officers should be available both afternoons.)

The nomination (and consent) forms found below must be returned to the election committee by Friday, March 13th in order for your name to be included on the ballot. We ask that you do NOT return this form via campus mail or by email, but physically present the nomination form to one of the members of the Elections Committee:  Tim Harms in Mathematics (MA375F), Wendy Frappier in HPE (NZ 103B), Paul Kramer in Political Science (MA380A), Raymond Rae in Media Arts & Design (CA 30), or to our IFO Assistant Heather Nesemeier (LO 408). You may also deliver this form by sending it though the U.S. postal service. There will be a letter coming from the IFO office around April 2nd sent to your home detailing the online voting process.

College of Arts, Media & Communication

College of Business & Innovation

College of Education & Human Services

College of Humanities & Social Sciences

College of Science, Health & the Environment

Non-College Group (Athletics, University Studies, Library)