The Executive Council consists of the union officers and some committee liaisons


Our Mission

The Executive Council is authorized to conduct Faculty Association business between Faculty Senate meetings, to carry out policies and directives approved by the Senate, to schedule meetings of the Senate, and to prepare agendas and recommendations for Senate meetings. The Executive Council may take action in response to urgent situations when convening a Senate meeting is impractical; such actions shall be promptly communicated to Senators and subject to their review.

The Executive Council shall represent the Faculty Association at Meet and Confer sessions. They are responsible for coordinating Meet and Confer agendas with the University President and for publicizing those agendas to the Faculty Association members.


President: Magdalene Chalikia    Psychology                  4082                 2019

Vice President: Matthew Craig   Physics & Astronomy 2439            2019

Secretary:  VACANCY

Treasurer: Ben Clapp                    School of Business     5834            2020

IFO Board: Annette Morrow        HLCRWS                 2813        2019

IFO Board: Laurie Blunsom         Performing Arts         4606          2020

Negotiator: Oscar Flores-Ibarra    Econ, Law & Politics 2710                2020