MSUM FA Spring 2017 Election

The MSUM Faculty Association will be holding an election of officers Spring 2017 in the MacLean/Bookstore Hallway. Up for election Faculty Senate seats as well as Faculty Association President, Vice President, and IFO Board Member.

Call for Nominations will be sent out to all full members in early Spring 2017.



We ask that you do NOT return Nomination forms via campus mail or by email, but physically present the nomination form to one of the members of the Elections Committee or to our IFO Assistant Heather Nesemeier (LLL 408). You may also deliver this form by sending it though the U.S. postal service to MSUMFA, 1104 7th Ave S, Box 37, Moorhead, MN 56563.



Senators: The Faculty Senate is authorized to discuss and make recommendations concerning any matter relating to academic policy, working conditions, aspects of student life relating to the educational process, or external university relations. The Senate is authorized to establish or propose committees and approve faculty participation in committees proposed by the MSUM President. The Senate is authorized to appoint faculty to all committees in which faculty are to be represented, though it may delegate that authority to the Executive Council. The Senate is authorized to review and make recommendations concerning any committee action that a senator requests to put on the agenda. No committee recommendation, with the exception of the Grievance Committee, is the official position of the MSUMFA until there has been an opportunity for its review at a scheduled Senate meeting. Any motion made in the Senate which receives a majority of the votes cast shall be the official position of the MSUMFA.