The Faculty Association makes all appointments to fill vacant faculty positions on committees. The only exceptions are departmental committees created by departments in order to conduct internal business. Some college-specific committees are also designated as special cases. (E.g., Departments select their own members for the college curriculum committees and 19-A Peer Review committees, subject to the requirement that they appoint IFO members.)


  • The official list of committees will be updated soon

  • The most up-to-date faculty committee appointments, following the February 9, 2016 Senate meetings can be found here.

  • Procedure for committees can be found here.


If a faculty member has a sabbatical leave or leave of absence, the faculty member should discuss with the committee their intentions on serving on the committee during the sabbatical.  If the faculty member chooses not to serve or fails to communicate their intentions to the committee chair, the committee chair should request a call for volunteers to replace the committee member. (Faculty Senate Policy, adopted 09/27/2011)


Curriculum Committees

  • Minnesota State University Moorhead Process for Curriculum Changes can be found here.

  • Current curriulum change proposals can be found here.

  • Routing & Posting Procedures for Curriculum Changes can be found here.

  • Agendas and minutes can be found here.


Faculty Association Committees

FA Equity Committee


The scope of this committee corresponds to the IFO Feminist Issues Committee, the IFO Multicultural Issues Committee, and the IFO GLBTA Issues Committee.

Current members are Raymond Rea (IFO GLBTA Representative), Laurie Blunsom (IFO Feminist Issues Representative), Magda Chalikia, Alexandria Fogarty, Rebecca Gardner, Ricky Greenwell, Phyllis May-Machunda, Kim Park Nelson (IFO Multicultural Issues Representative), and Sherry Lee Short.

FA Academic Affairs Committee

          The scope of this committee corresponds to the IFO Academic Affairs Committee and is the faculty representation to any academic strategic planning on our campus.

Grievance Committee

          Current members are Ben Clapp, Wendy Frappier, Don Clark, Erin Gilett, Lee Vigilant, Magda Chalikia 

Action Committee

           The scope of this committee corresponds to the IFO Government Relations
Committee and IFO Action Committee

Budget Committee

Elections Committee